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Live location and tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of persons within educational institutions is made possible by ManoJava Software's "My Kawach" software, which features live location tracking. Administrators can utilize this function to pinpoint the precise location of staff members, pupils, and equipment like school buses.


  • It does this by using GPS technology. The safety and security of every student on campus may be guaranteed by administrators by giving real-time reports on individual movements. Live location tracking improves overall security standards, whether it is used to track staff personnel during crises, monitor student locations during field excursions, or plan the best bus routes for maximum efficiency.


  • ManoJava Software makes sure that this feature is accessible and easy to use, giving administrators a clear interface through which to view real-time location data. "My Kawach" makes it possible for real-time tracking, which enables educational institutions to act quickly.

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